How to use

Note that the coupons purchased by you can only be used once. 

To use the coupons you have purchased, just log in to your user account through the icon on the right side and the top corner of the site.

(With the first purchase, an account will be created in your name on the website. Your username will be your email address and your password will be the password you specify during your first purchase on the site.)

After entering the user panel, you can see the list of all your purchased coupons in the “Orders” section.

Each coupon has two statuses: Completed and Ready to use.

“Completed status” refers to coupons that you have used after purchase. (For easier and faster separation of used coupons from coupons that have not been used yet, the background color of used coupons on this page is gray.)

“The status of Ready to uses” is also related to coupons that have not been used yet after purchase. (Coupons that have not been used yet are shown in green in your user panel)

To use any coupon, after entering your user panel, select “View” related to your coupon. A page will open for you where you can see the full details of your coupon.

At the top of this page, there is a button called “Redeem code”. After going to the cash register, just show this page to the attendant so that can select the Redeem code option on your phone.

Important: Do not press the Redeem code option before going to the collection you bought the coupon for, because after selecting this option, your coupon will be deactivated.

Important: Only one coupon can be purchased at each stage of payment.